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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Post for 7/13/06

Craziest night ever!! Went to the "Superman Returns" premiere at the Odeon in Leicester Square, and it was AWESOME!! Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey got by me without giving me autographs due to the extreme screechiness of the little girls around me, but I did get really great pics (they were less than a foot from me). Kate was gorgeous and looked like a Barbie doll, and Kevin seemed very nice (he kept thanking everyone for coming). I decided that when Brandon Routh came around I would have to do something to get his attention and stand out from the screechy girls, so I shouted "I'm a fellow Iowan" when he was in front of me. It was only a half-lie; my whole family is from Iowa and I've spent a fair amount of my life there. I've just never lived there per se. Anyhoo, he STOPPED what he was doing, looked right at me, and asked me where I was from!! I told him Okoboji since that's mainly where I spend time, and he was like "oh yeah, I know Okoboji", and THEN he was like "so what are you doing in England?". I couldn't believe it!!! He signed the autograph "GO IOWA---Brandon Routh". It was craziness. I know it's all shallow and meaningless, but I'm not gonna lie; I LOVE SHOWBIZ!!!


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