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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Post for 7/14/06

My friend Collin's mom, Mary (a good family friend), arrived today and is staying with me for a few nights. Collin and I went to Borough Market, and walked along the South Bank and across the Millenium Bridge back. It was lovely and sunny, and we got the BEST brownies at the market. This evening, Collin, Mary, and I went to dinner with Collin's friend, Barry, and gf, Naomi, at this Afghan restaurant. I was really proud of myself for liking the food because I'm usually so picky. This is a pic of us at a pub afterward (from l to r: Barry, Collin, Mary, me, Naomi). It was a really good day because this is the first time I've socialized in two weeks (not counting the Indiana Jones archaeology people).


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