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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Post for 7/15/06

Mary and I went to Portobello Rd for antiques today. It was hot, crowded, and those dealers mark their stuff up ridiculously high. I accidentally wandered away from the antiques to some other more interesting stores (oops). It was Collin's birthday, so he and Mary made some really good Mexican food and cake for dinner. We ate in the Mecklenburgh Square garden with a bunch of his grad school friends. Collin had brought this extremely strong, homemade vodka (essentially moonshine) back from Tblisi in a mineral water bottle, and he made us all take shots. I have to say that I've never drank alcohol that didn't come in a legitimate bottle. I was kind of worried that I'd die. But I didn't, and it actually didn't taste that bad. Yay for my ever-increasing tolerance!


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